Styling bars creatively

to suit your event

fig. 01

behind the bar
Best looking bars in town

A well crafted cocktail deserves to be served from a well thought out bar. Our creative approach to bar styling is something we pride ourselves on and receives as much care as the drinks themselves.

fig. 02

Alice's glass dome

The art of bar styling is to emphasise a theme through subtle touches and ideas

fig. 03

its all in the detail
tobacco detail

No bar is the same, regardless of a similar theme. The Rum Runner create the style for each bar in meticulous detail in partnership with the host.

We add elements that could span the whole length of the bar and sets the theme instantly, down to the smallest of glass detail which works together with multiple other elements to collectively immerse you in the desired theme.

fig. 04

herbal touches

fig. 05

pineapples & barrels
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