Creating immersive bar experiences to make your event unique.

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African themed bar

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cuban themed bar
How our events run smoothly

To overcome the limitations of event cocktail making, the founder, Sam Paget Steavenson has developed various techniques over years of experience, enabling refined and complex drinks to be served on a large scale. Peoples main concern with event bars tend to be directed at the speed at which drinks are served. Although a recipe may call for a fresh peach, plum or nectarine, you will not see the bartender wrestling with the stone. An enormous amount of preparation goes into our cocktails and by the time we arrive at your event the hard work is done. Almost!

We believe the combination of memorable drinks and skilled service will elevate your event.

the little things

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Best looking bars in town

A well crafted cocktail deserves to be served from a well thought out bar. Our creative approach to bar styling is something we pride ourselves on and receives as much care as the drinks themselves.

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Enchanted forest theme
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