Weight loss, better sleep, improved skin, deeper pockets… Dry January is no longer a fad as new generation of ‘dry crusaders’ embrace the challenge of staying off the booze for more than a month. Companies like Seedlip have addressed this dilemma, promoting sophisticated alternatives to sugary soft drinks and seeking to solve the problem of ‘Wwhat to drink when you’re not drinking’.

Whether you’ve had a dry, dryish, not so, or even wet January… here’s out pick of the best non-alcoholic drinks heading into 2019

1. Seedlip Spice 94 📷

Ben Branson created Seedlip as the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit looking to solve the problem of ‘Wwhat to drink when you’re not drinking’. The range now includes three options. Spice 94 is our favourite and is mixed simply with tonic water in the same way you would mix a G&T. If you’re looking for a refined alternative to a mid-week drop… look no further.

2. Brewdog – Nanny State


A non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes like a beer… enter Brewdog. Loaded with more hops that you can a shake a stick at and packed full of flavours, Nanny State comes with enough depth to make up for what it lacks in alcohol. Highly recommended.

3. Bitter Salvation


Cut from the same cloth as Seedlip, Bitter Salvation create botanical drinks inspired by nature and herbal health tonics. What started as an experiment by Alex Dover in making a drink for his sister- in- law, has developed into a range of non-alcoholic craft bitters. Our favourite is the Cardoman & Lemon Verbena - great served with either tonic water or soda.

4. LA Brewery Strawberry & Black Pepper Kombucha


Kombucha – a fermented, slightly alcoholic, lightly effervescent tea – continues to grab headlines based on its perceived health benefits… from being a source or healthy bacateria, to reducing the risk of heart disease. LA Brewery is based in Suffolk and produces three excellent Kombuchas. It’s a close call, but the prickly mixture of fruit and pepper puts this one in pole position. For anyone sceptical about Kombucha… this is a great way to test the water !

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