We work with you to design cocktails that perfectly complement your event, bar or restaurant.

fig. 01


Designed for 'Zombie' themed Event 

fig. 02


Designed for 'KRICKET' restaurant



. Craftsmen in developing unique cocktails, we design custom drinks for a range of occasions.

Freshness and quality of produce is at the heart of

The Rum Runner's philosophy.



We work closely with our clients to develop original menus to match the identity of their brands - assisting with every aspect from the bar design, cocktail styling, to bartender training.



We believe the combination of memorable drinks and skilled service will elevate your event. However big or small, within the UK or further afield, The Rum Runner is dedicated to ensuring your event is seamless.


A well crafted cocktail deserves to be served from a well thought out bar. Our creative approach to bar styling is something we pride ourselves on and receives as much care as the drinks themselves.

fig. 03

Herbal Bar Setup

fig. 04

Strawberry fields
Designed for 'Yurtel' luxury boutique camping

The Rum Runner


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Our recent collaborations and clients include:

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