The Rum Runner Airstream has arrived.

We believe that a bar should make a statement and be the focal point of your event.  Our Airstream has been designed with both the bartender and customer in mind.  


Combining unique cocktails from The Rum Runner with Well-Oiled’s first mobile bar, this 22ft 1961 Airstream ensures a memorable feature to your event.

A team of bartenders can comfortably serve from behind the 10ft bar.  The speed rails, ice wells, fridge, sinks, dripy trays and other bar equipment has been carefully positioned to ensure efficient and streamlined service throughout your event.

The interchangeable light box and modular shelving have been designed to give you control of the interior aesthetics and branding.  

Whilst we have fully decked out the interior of this Airstream, we have maintained the original paneling and polished aluminium that is associated with these iconic trailers. 

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