Quality of produce is at the heart of our philosophy. All elements to our cocktails  are prepared in-house, using fresh & seasonal produce. We create our own tinctures, bitters, shrubs, sherbets, liqueurs and cordials, to ensure every cocktail is unique and memorable.


Wherever possible everything that we put into our cocktails is prepared in house. This allows us to personalise our drinks through a combination of homemade cordials, infusions, shrubs, bitters and tinctures.


All juices are cold pressed in-house and we steer clear of using refined sugar, opting to use natural alternatives instead. We have also recently introduced a seasonally foraged menu making use of the nature around us.


We work with you to design a completely tailored menu. Send us a list of your favourite herbs, teas, spices & botanicals and we will show you what we can do. Our aim is to give you something unique for your guests to remember.


Although we love to create original cocktails, we have also perfected the classics. Who doesn't love a Margarita, Manhattan or a Whiskey Sour.- although we might draw the line at a Blue Lagoon! Get in touch to discuss your favourites.